Through the words of Mr. Khaled AlHaddad, founder of Arnubah and Dabdoob,
“Sitting in a smoke-filled men’s barber shop one hot summer day, an idea was born. As I sat in a barber chair, trying to ignore the noises all around me and hoping this old barber pays enough attention not to cut me, I saw the door open and a little boy was being pushed into the shop, looking afraid.

Through the heavy smell of smoke and aftershave and with noises and the loud talking, I could hear the soft voice of the mother of this child giving instructions on how to cut his hair and asking anyone she can get the attention of to take care of her little son.

The child moved slowly in to the waiting area and just sat there with his eyes on his mother’s image, waiting in front of the shop. She was afraid to leave him alone but feeling unwelcomed in a place not suited for her or her child.

As I sat there looking at her and that little boy, I wondered how he feelt. I was also thinking and imagining what it is like for a little girl getting a haircut who may be in a similar situation, in a place not suitable for little girls, with a hair stylist not trained or mentally not ready to deal with the fragile hair of a little girl.

The idea of a kids-only barber was born. What if there was a place specially made for kids? A place where a child can be a child, a place where parents can sit in a clean, wholesome atmosphere, knowing their child is getting a haircut or styled by a professional, specially trained to deal with children and toddlers?”